Avista Group is a multi-discipline international group of companies engaged in information system and telecommunication services, design and development of Enterprise Management Solutions, Maritime Services, Construction and Infrastructure development and Business Investment.
We operate in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and the UK(Etacell).
Avista Groupe provides the latest technology which offers full range of services, from normal voice to a Broadband Global Area Network, Energy, Data Center Storage Facilities, CCTV, App Developments and More …

Avista Groupe is technology rich group of companies providing solutions and services in telecommunication, VOIP, design and development of software solutions and M2M

We believe our utmost strength is within our term of professional experts which is a vital party of everything that we achieve.
We value the expertise, skills and knowledge in each team member specialization. We are driven by passion, ambitions, personal integrity, honesty and above all commitment which are emphasized as personal attributes that we look for in our team members.

Our Products and Services are Reliable and Affordable, providing performance options to suit different operational needs.
Our product line and services work in every sectors such as :

Business Institutions, Technology Service Providers, Banking, Transportation, Logistics, Leisure, Media, Mining, Police Forces, Military, Emergency Respond Services.